Winter Guard – The Biggest Sport You Never Heard Of

Winter Guard – The Biggest Sport You Never Heard Of It’s a utilitarian high school gym. There are books and backpacks piled along the walls. The volleyball nets are removed and the basketball hoops are up. On a giant tarp in the middle of the floor, a different activity is underway.   Young men and women in a variety of …

WGI Video – How It’s Made

WGI produced an excellent video about the process of making giant floor tarps, and we were proud to participate.   Check it out!

Colorful Custom Floor Tarp

Custom Design Strategies for Floor Tarps

Custom Design Strategies for Floor Tarps Designing artwork for your floor tarp is one of the most critical elements of your show. Other than the uniforms it is literally the first thing the audience (and the judges!) will see.  First impressions are important. At Winter Guard Tarps we have been printing large custom winter guard floor tarps, percussion tarps, drum line …


The following is a reprint of an article about drums with some super basic info. Could be helpful for a beginner, 1st-year band student etc. Enjoy the article below:

Color Guard Historical Society

Winter Guard Tarps found this archive of the Color Guard Historical Society which is no longer a working website.  We present it here for historical purposes.    We hope you find it useful. Color Guard Historical Society The “List” of Non-Active Guards The Colorguard Historical Society is proud to bring you Inactive and Active guard lists with a ‘group page‘ …