2017 Teams for Tarps

Time flies, and here we are again for our FOURTH ANNUAL TEAMS FOR TARPS EVENT!

  • Once is an event . . .
  • Twice is happenstance . . .
  • Thrice is a habit . . .
  • Four times?  Well, that’s a dang TRADITION.

So, here’s how everything will go down:

Two Divisions

Like 2016, this year we have two divisions: Scholastic and Independent.  We do this because scholastic groups simply have an inherently better opportunity to grab votes than independent groups.   Plus, giving away double the number of winners?   That’s just fun for us.   You know love it.


From today until Midnight on September 8th, we will accept nominations for teams you believe want, need, or deserve a free Winter Guard Tarp (up to size 60’x90′).

How do you make a submission?   For that, you will go to your Facebook Page where the entire competition is gonna go down.   Click here to go to our Facebook

Page and give us a like.

First Step?   Click that “Like” Button.  I mean, you DO want to be kept up to date on what’s going on right?

Second Step – Click on the “Teams for Tarps” Link.   Here you will find complete rules of the competition, as well as a way to enter your team into the teams for tarps competition.  You will enter the name of your team, a description of why you want, need or deserve a tarp (get those sympathy votes bra!) and (this is important) a picture of your team.   Do you really want to “represent” with the blank twitter egg, or “Photo Missing”?    Come on, show us those pearly whites and make us fall in love with your team.

Please Note: THIS IS NOT A VOTING PERIOD.   Your team only needs to be nominated ONCE during the nomination phase.  If you know your team has already been nominated, then please take that enthusiasm . . .

bottle it up. . .

channel it. . .

make it ready to do good during the . . …

Voting Period

Teams for Tarps 2017 Voting Deadline

Are you KIDDING ME!? Friday the 13th is the voting deadline?!

The Voting Phase will open on Monday, September 11th.  The voting phase will END on . . . and you are gonna love this:


Yeah . . . seriously.   We just did that.

Pick up the nearest non-breakable object . . .hold it out horizontally from your body and let it drop to the ground while saying “Mic Drop”, because yeah . . . voting ends at midnight on Friday the freaking 13th.

OK, so getting serious again . . .

Your objective at THIS point (after September 8th) is to get AS MANY VOTES AS YOU CAN.  The votes are tabulated on our Facebook “Teams for Tarps” link.   ALL the nominated teams are listed there.   All registered Facebook users can vote ONCE.  Got that?  You can only vote once per Facebook ID.



So after three years of doing this, here are a few tips:

  • GET THE VOTE OUT – Every year the competition is more competitive.  In 2016 the winner of the Scholastic Division had OVER 5,00 VOTES!
  • COMBINE YOUR EFFORTS – Look, you want a tarp right?  So you are likely fundraising.   Incorporate getting votes with getting money.   At that “Car Wash” you are doing, get every car to pull out their phone and vote for you . . . Get every person who buys that Chocolate Bar to also shoot you a vote . . . you get the idea.
  • GET EVERYONE INVOLVED – You’ve heard of the “Six Degrees of Separation” right?   At LEAST tell us you have heard of the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”?   In short, there is not reason that current or former Presidents of the United States should not be voting for your team.   In fact, if we can’t prove a President (or former) of the United States votes in the years Teams for Tarps, we are going to consider this whole thing a failure.  TELL PEOPLE TO VOTE.   If you ask for the votes, they will come.  Go get ’em.

And that is pretty much it!

a) Nominate your team,

b) vote for your team,

c) put your feet in the water while sipping on a beverage through a silly straw and wait for your tarp to arrive.  Don’t worry, while you are sipping your beverage someone else will take care of designing your show, write the music, rehearse the group, revise the show according to practices, [insert the 1,000 other things you do here], and walk your dog for you.   That’s the WGT difference.

[WGT does not guarantee that someone else will take care of your entire show . .  .or walk your dog].

It’s just that easy.